Only metal from the best steel-works becomes
Montesi parts.

After almost fifty years of activity, we decided to learn yet another skill: making gears!

Worms are shafts with teeth that pair with a crown gear to deflect and transmit motion from one plane to another perpendicular one.

PSF precision rolling on tailstocks allows plastic formation of the surface of the steel shaft, creating the shape of the teeth according to the module and parameters that define them.

This production process is an alternative to the traditional notched ones that, thanks to the technological evolution and continuous research performed at Montesi, allows for extraordinary quality results.

The combination of the advanced technology of the means of production, top quality rolling tools, and technical expertise allows us to create rolled worms with appreciable quality characteristics even without subsequent grinding.

The products that can be obtained with only roll forming are indicated for applications in which medium quality is required and there is a need to cut costs significantly.

For applications that require high quality, roll forming is preparatory for grinding and is more economical than the same forming processes obtained by removal.

At Montesi, we have created a technical staff that is committed to carrying out study, feasibility, and development projects for rolled worms to replace notched products.


  • Improved surface roughness of the ground products.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the process and savings on grinding.
  • Lack of thermal treatment thanks to the hardening of the teeth as a result of the deformation process.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the roll forming compared to notch processes.


  • Non-ground rolled worms are not indicated for applications that require maximum quality.
  • Maximum module that can be obtained: 3-3.5.

When the size and performance characteristics of the worm cannot be covered by the roll forming process, we can offer toothing by removal with the following options:

  • Turning process performed at Montesi.
  • Milling performed at partner companies.
  • Orbital cutting performed at partner companies.


Worms from module xxx to module 3.5 with one or more starts.

Versions in carbon steel, special steels.

Shaft machining according to the Customer’s design.

Possibility of grinding the support bases.

Possibility of grinding the worms after rolling.

Controlled and adjusted concentricity during the production process.

  • OEM gearboxes.
  • Electromechanics.
  • Electric motors.
  • Construction engineering. 
  • Automotive aftermarket.
  • Industrial automation.
  • Landscaping machinery.A
  • Appliances.


Worms formed by turning according to Customer specifications.

Worms formed by milling according to Customer specifications.

Worms formed by orbital notching according to Customer specifications.

  • Gearboxes.
  • Vehicle technology.
  • Electromechanics.
  • Construction engineering.


  • Italian leader in research and innovation in the machining of rolled worms.
  • Partnerships with major manufacturers of machinery and tools for rolling worms.
  • Pioneers in numerically controlled rolling technology on tailstocks.
  • Technical research staff and co-engineering with the Customer.