Co-engineering and prototyping

When the Customer brings us a problem, it opens up a new project and opportunity for us.

We are proud to be able to define ourselves as being different from the subcontractor machining to design.

In addition to accepting supply requests to test our competitiveness on components already designed and supplied by the customer, we are passionate about offering our expertise and experience in new projects.

In both designing new components or technical reviewing to improve performance or lower costs, our technical staff collaborates with engineers and designers, providing a valuable practical approach.

Everything is aimed towards creating prototypes and defining optimization in terms of performance, quality, and cost.



Our laboratory has special equipment for empirical measurements of the performance of the screws and nuts.



We offer our years of experience in thermal and surface treatments to improve the performance of the components produced.

We collaborate with leading companies in the induction hardening industry.

We also have partnerships with companies specializing in surface treatments to improve the tribological characteristics of nut-screw systems and in chemical nickel-plating treatments.