Our values

Machines can turn, thread, and form. But they are nothing but tools in the hands of our people. Behind them there is all of the company’s experience: knowledge that accompanies the work until the goal is reached.

We want our customers to identify us as the supplier with whom they are satisfied and with whom they obtain important advantages and share an important relationship.

Our VISION is a world where change is inspired and guided by ethical, shared, and sustainable choices.

We want to look towards the future along with our team, customers, and suppliers responsibly participating in the change.

Our AMBITION is to be different.

In an era where speed and intensity of the change are on the agenda, we want to maintain that human characteristic of operational and relationship flexibility that technology sometimes does not seem to want to give us.

Our ROLE is to become an increasingly expert company, able to create value through innovation and service.



Before being recognized as mechanical professionals, we like to be able to define ourselves as “good people” thanks to the ideals handed down to us by our founder, Paolo Montesi:

  • Loyalty
    We keep our commitments and follow the rules and regulations, even in difficult situations.
  • Respect Because without it, there are not long-lasting relationships.
    Pragmatism and focus on results It is numbers that determine our existence on the market.
  • Punctuality
    Mechanics are precise and punctual, like the deadlines we are committed to meeting.
  • Personal growth
    Work is not everything. Relationships with others and with ourselves are extremely important.
  • Team spirit
    The greatest goals are reached together, unity is strength.
  • Merit
    Living, sharing, and spreading our company values.
  • Ethics
    Our ethics are the foundation of everything and are found in our Code of Ethics.

Attention to our region and community Citizenship: we are committed to making a contribution to improve conditions in our region, by both supporting social and cultural aggregation initiatives and contributing to the development of athletic associations aimed at the healthy and educational practicing of youth sports.